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July 14th, 2009 1,214

The Perfect Place for Women Gamers

I know it’s not easy being a woman gamer.  At least that is what I hear 🙂  We all know that many of the games distributed today by developers are geared towards men.  Hopefully companies will start to realize what they can do to expand their horizons and make games that appeal to women and men.

In the meantime, if you’re a woman you do have options.  One really cool site out there specifically geared towards women is

June 30th, 2009 1,717

Are There More Women Playing Games?

women-gamersSo are there more women playing video games?  Absolutely and a recent release of a study done by the NPD Marketing group confirms this.  Obviously this is something that all of us gamers already knew.  I mean get online and play COD4 and just listen to all the female players on the other end.  Now we all know many times they get chewed out and are treated like meat, but the reality of it is this.  More women are playing games and the trend grows larger and larger every year.