August 14th 1,232

Mobile Games? Is this the route you want to take?

iphoneThere are so many different forms of gaming out there today.  From consoles, to PC to cell phones.  So how do you choose the job in gaming that is right for you?  Obviously you would go with something you love to do.  If you’re into the XBox 360 then you would apply for jobs with companies that publish games for that console.  BUT here is the thing.  What if a certain segment of the gaming field is doing better than another?

August 10th 1,197

Modern Warfare 2

modernwarfareAre you as excited about this release as I am?  I love the COD series.  Scheduled for release on November 10th, I just cannot seem to wait for this one.  Modern Warfare 2 will be released for PS3, XBox 360 and the PC.

With 15 possible killstreak rewards, the multiplayer version is going to kick some serious ass.  One includes the ability to pull out your laptop and direct an AC130’s attack on your opponents.  There are also rewards for breaking an opponents kill streak.

Rumor has it that the special edition which includes night vision goggles may also have a specially made controller only to be used for this game.

July 23rd 1,595

Bionic Commando-PC

Scheduled for release on July 28th for the PC version of the game, Bionic Commando is a Sci-Fi adventure game.

Anyone familiar with the series knows it’s all about the bionic arm.  And with that bionic arm comes a lot of grappling and swinging around town.  You will reprise your role of Nathan Spencer.

This game takes place 10 years after the original arcade version.  You’re thrown into Ascension City and you’re an operative for the Tactical Arms & Security Committee.  Betrayed by your government and falsely accused, you’re on your way to death when something explodes in Ascension City.  So now what happens?  Well of course they need your help since the entire city is wiped out.  And so the game begins.

July 14th 1,214

The Perfect Place for Women Gamers

I know it’s not easy being a woman gamer.  At least that is what I hear 🙂  We all know that many of the games distributed today by developers are geared towards men.  Hopefully companies will start to realize what they can do to expand their horizons and make games that appeal to women and men.

In the meantime, if you’re a woman you do have options.  One really cool site out there specifically geared towards women is

July 8th 1,317

PlayTest for Microsoft

So how many of you out there today are having problems finding a game testing job because EXPERIENCE is required?  I’m sure right now you’re reading this and thinking “hey that’s me!”.  Well I’ve got great news for you.  There is a way to get the experience you so desperately need without going through a big long hiring process.  I mean I know I’ve seen job upon job upon job posted that says “Entry Level” and then you read the posting and they want someone with at least 1 year of experience.  Total bummer right?  Wrong…

June 30th 1,717

Are There More Women Playing Games?

women-gamersSo are there more women playing video games?  Absolutely and a recent release of a study done by the NPD Marketing group confirms this.  Obviously this is something that all of us gamers already knew.  I mean get online and play COD4 and just listen to all the female players on the other end.  Now we all know many times they get chewed out and are treated like meat, but the reality of it is this.  More women are playing games and the trend grows larger and larger every year.

June 24th 1,392

Best Places to Live If You Want to Test Games

placestoliveNow there are gaming companies in just about every state in the US and of course internationally.  But obviously there are a few states that have greater concentrations of companies than other.

So what exactly are the best places in the country to live if you want to work for a gaming company?  There are quite a few.

Let’s start with the East Coast.  Obviously many gamers know there are a ton of companies on the East Coast.

Massachusetts is a hot gaming mecca right now.  There are over 35 game developers & publishers in that area.  Definitely a great choice.

June 17th 1,575

Cheats-Prototype XBox 360

prototype-cheatsEven though this was just recently released, you know as a gamer that cheats are not far behind.

So as I discussed the game, so shall I discuss it’s cheats.

These are for XBox 360.

Unlock Body Surfing:
Select “Extras” from the Main Menu and go to “Cheats”
Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down

Longer Gliding:
You need air dash and glide to do this. Jump into the air and glide, then when you start descending, use air dash and press A twice to fly again. You can repeat this until you run out of air dash, which is 2 max (glide then air dash, glide again then air dash, glide again so… 3 glides and 2 dashes). You can glide for 3 times as long allowing you to cover more ground.

June 12th 1,590


prototypeJust released for the PS3, XBox 360 & PC, this game is already getting rave reviews.

Set in NYC, Alex Mercer is guy who can shapeshift and duplicate the powers of anyone he may come across in the now infected city.  You are Alex and it’s your job to find the answers he needs to figure out what is going on.  See you suffer from amnesia, and have no idea what is going on around you or why.

You will be surrounded by masses of people all the while try to make it through the attacks.

June 8th 1,472, a Great Source for Gaming Jobs

gamejobsI love to share the little secrets that people would love to hear regarding finding a great game job.  This is just one more source for great information on the gaming job scene. is is site that was established back in February of 2008.  There are so many things you can do on this site including:
Searching jobs
Posting your resume
Looking for schools

I have found it to be a very helpful site and they seem to get a decent amount of postings to their site.

Obviously employers are also granted access to post jobs and view resumes.