October 11th, 2008 2,151

Video Game Tester

So what exactly does a video game tester do?  Your job is to run test cases on games that have not yet been distributed on the market.  How is it that you go about that?  That really depends upon the company.  Each company has different requirements although they are all similar to one another.  Regardless you will be trained on the company’s requirements.


After training is complete, you get to move on to the actual test cases.  Your job will be to find bugs but not only find them, be able to duplicate them.  Lots of gamers find bugs, but are you able to determine what steps you took to find that bug?  You will need to be able to document that so it can be looked at and corrected prior to the games release.


There are also testers whose job it is to play a game for fun.  This is more for marketing purposes.  You get to play the game usually just through a specific part of a game and then report how you felt about it.  This is great because it’s more about personal opinion than finding bugs.


Either way you look at it, understand that testing is a job.  It’s not all about fun and games although you can thoroughly enjoy it.


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