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From Game Tester to Game Designer?

So is it possible to go from being just a lowly game tester to a person who actually is capable of designing games?  Absolutely!

If you have the passion and drive to succeed you can do anything you want.  So many designers these days are self taught.  You get your foot in the door with a game testing job and then you learn all you possibly can.  Perhaps after your testing gig is over, you apply for an internship in game design at the same company.  Or you do your research, purchase the software needed and start playing around.

The internet is there for anything and everything you could possibly need.

There are so many videos out there made for entry level designers showing you exactly how to make a game within different design applications.  Just check out this video:

The key to advancement in any firm is keeping your mind open to learning new things.  I mean lets face it, we all know that game testing is not something you want to be doing when you’re 35 and married with children.  So you have to set yourself up on some sort of career path.  If you truly love games (which you must if you’re a game tester) then you can push yourself further than ever before.  Strive to succeed.  If you can play a game until the very end (even if it sucks) then you can find your way down this career path.

Listen, let me just share with you all of the knowledge I have about game testing.  I promise you will not regret it.  Join today, and let me help you, help yourself!

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