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Does a Fancy Office Equal Good Employee Treatment?

It’s always a question that one encounters on their job search.  How will the company treat me?  You never really truly know until you are hired of course.

Sure there are lots of big fancy gaming offices out there, but are they hiding a dirty little secret?

There are promises that every company makes to their applicants prior to hiring them the question is, are they telling you the truth?

I’ve read many articles on this and spoken with people about the treatment of gaming employees in the industry.

One such article was written anonomously by a spouse of an EA employee back in 2004 and it’s an article that has been viewed thousands upon thousands of times.

It specifically talks about the “crunch time” process and how this particular person felt their spouse was being completely overworked.  To read the full article just go here

This article sparked so much talk which still goes on today.  It was also what launched one of the biggest forums focused on the treatment of employees in the gaming world

When you are looking for that perfect game testing job, be sure that you ask about their employee treatment practices being sure to pay attention to overtime, and how they treat their employees during “crunchtime”.

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