April 13th, 2009 1,705

Fatal Frame IV:No Go In the US

If you are a Fatal Frame fan, then you are going to be really bummed about this news.  Nintendo will not release the most recent “Mask of the Lunar Eclipse” outside of Japan.

Many gamers had an opportunity to experience Fatal Frame on PS2 and the XBox back in 2002.  With this latest released originally slated for some time in 2009, Nintendo is now not stating the reason for their change of heart.

One can only speculate that there are some sort of issues with the developer Temco LTD.  But who really knows why these things happen.  It’s very strange because you would think that Nintendo would want to expand their opportunity to make more money, but like I said you never know!

I think it’s just a really bad business move on Nintendo’s part and if you’re a gamer who was looking forward to it’s release in the states, then you should definitely complain.

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