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Why Yes There Are Game Companies in Oregon!

Although it’s certainly no “mecca” of gaming, Oregon does have a few game developers that you can check out.  So what options do you have?  Check it:

Black Jacket StudiosBlack Jacket

Based in Portland Oregon, Black Jacket focuses on action games.  Founded in 2007 they are working, they are working on their first title Metal Drift.  Actually they are currently looking for gamers to sign up for the beta testing of the game.  Check that out here

Machineworks NorthwestMachineworks

Located in Salem Oregon, Machineworks is all about mobile phone gaming including Duke Nukem Mobile 3D.

Pipeworks SoftwarePipeworks

Founded back in 1999 and creators of titles such as Rampage: Total Destruction and Godzilla: Unleashed, they are definitely making their mark on the gaming world.  This developer is located in Eugene.


Founded in 2003 and located in Portland, this company has it’s own thoughts about what gaming should be all about.  They are different and definitely passionate about what they do.

Silver Creek Entertainmentsilver creek

Located in Grants Pass, and around since 1994 Silver Creek is clearly not going anywhere.  They also have an amazing guarantee on all of their games.  Very cool company to check out.

Ok well now you know, if you live in Oregon there are your options.  So now go out and get some! has NO problem telling you how it is and telling you what I know.  So make sure you’re a member now!

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