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Quality Assurance Testers with Infinity Ward

As a gamer I thoroughly enjoy the Call of Duty Series, and most recently Call of Duty:Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward is one company that you can rely on for consistent game tester job postings.

There are several companies that you can count on for regular postings, but I lean towards Infinity Ward due to the love of their games.

Recently they posted several positions within CA on their website.

Typically the skills they require are ones that any gamer would have such as:
* Good verbal and written communication skills
* Strong problem solving skills
* Knowledge of Excel
* Passion for gaming

Many companies also have additional skills that will put you at the top of the pack if you have them to offer.  Infinity Ward is the same in this perspective.

If you want to read more about Infinity Ward and review their multiple open job postings just go here.

Infinity Ward also has room for advancement.  I read on their blog about one tester who at the end of the testing gig ended up becoming a full time artist.  You can read about it on their blog here.

The blog will also give you some insight into the goings on over at IW so check it out if you’re interested in working for them!

You should also check out the current members of their team and get to know them a bit here.

If you feel you would fit in with their team, then check them out.

Only will share all the knowledge I’ve obtained through the years with you.  So sign up today.

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