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Game Studios In Arizona

You have several options if you’re living in Arizon and want to break into the Game Testing market.

This is a short list of developers/publishers in Arizona that you should check out.

1. CrunchTime Games

Founded in May 2003 this company established istelf by playing a role in games like Marc Ecko’s Getting Up and StarCraft Ghost.  Located in Chandler Arizona, they are an independent developer of next-gen games.  Currently they have 8 employees.  They are a small studio so don’t expect them to be hiring too often.

2. Rainbow Studios

A subsidiary of THQ, Rainbow Studios is currently one of the largest game developers in the Southwest.  Most noted for games like MX vs. ATV Unleashed, Rainbow Studios is a great place to get your start.

3. Idlehour Entertainment

Most notable for their Buddy’s First Picture Books for children, Idehour’s mission is to enrich the lives of families and their children.  So if you’re not into games that are focused on family entertainment, then they might not be for you.

My goal is to show all gamers, regardless of your location that there are jobs out there for you.  So get up off the couch and get out there today!

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