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Game Job Options

Your options in the field of gaming are absolutely enormous.  That is really the only way I can put it.

There are just so many different jobs to choose from, that it really all boils down to your expertise and experience.

Here are a just a few options in the gaming world:

* QA Tester
* Game Tester
* Character Modeler
* Technical Artist
* Animator
* Concept Artist
* Digital Artist
* Game Writer
* Game Designer
* Scripter
* Systems Administrator
* Programmer
* Software Engineer
* Marketing Director
* Art Director
* Sales Development
* Faculty Positions (teaching)
* Customer Service
* Manager

The list is endless.  So no matter where your expertise lies, you will find a job in gaming for you.  There are even jobs within the HR field.

The bottom line is whether you’ve been involved in sales, human resources, customer service or management if you have a love for games you can find a job in the game industry that suits your needs.  AND more importantly a job that you will love to get up and go to in the morning (or evening).

Let’s say you’ve been working in the Human Resource department for Kmart.  You tweak your resume to show your love for gaming and ability to recruit and BAM you’re working for Sony as the head recruiter.

It’s not just about game testing, although many gamers do use that as their stepping stone into the game world.  Bottom line is that there are jobs out there for ALL gamers no matter what their experience.

So get out there, and get started today!  Sign up on my site Gametestingsecrets.com!

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